The school runs from Wednesday 1 September until Monday 6 September 2010. The morning lectures run from 9:00 to 12:30, and the afternoon lectures from 13:30 to 17:00. All lectures take place in room CM221 of the Mathematical Sciences department of Durham University.

The last day of the school overlaps with the WPMSIIP workshop, and will give all participants the possibility to present their work in a seminar, with discussion time. We hope that several leading researchers will be present for the discussions, and also that some of the topics the students work on are of further interest to the WPMSIIP workshop. On the evening of 6 September, there will be a gala dinner.

Saturday 4 September will be dedicated to an excursion to Durham brewery.

All lectures will be given in English. Each lecture will be 3h30 long, including a coffee break, and will be evenly split into theory and exercises. All the school materials (slides, videos, exercises, ...) will also be available after the school on this website.

Tuesday 31 August

Informal get-together in town. Leaving from the entrance of Collingwood College at 18:30.

Wednesday 1 September

Thursday 2 September

Friday 3 September

Saturday 4 September

Sunday 5 September

Note: both topics prepared jointly by Alessandro Antonucci, Cassio de Campos, and Giorgio Corani (Lugano).

Monday 6 September