Software Packages

Some of the lectures will have the option to do some of the exercises on your laptop (but don't worry if you come without laptop—there will be plenty of regular exercises as well!). For this purpose, to save yourself some time, you might consider installing the following software beforehand:

Octave or Matlab

First, here are some Matlab/Octave scripts, by Damjan Skulj. They will be used for the imprecise Markov chains lecture.

If you have Matlab, great! If not:



For linux, Octave should be available from your distribution's software repository. For instance, on Fedora:

su -c 'yum install octave'

Python 2.6/2.7 + pycddlib + improb

This will be used for the decision making lecture.


Install, in the given order:


For linux, most distributions come with Python 2.6, setuptools, gcc, and gmp. For instance, on Fedora:

su -c 'yum install python python-setuptools gcc gmp gmp-devel'

Once you have all that, the pycddlib and improb packages are `easy installable', so you can run for instance:

easy_install --user pycddlib
easy_install --user improb

Alternatively, download the source packages

and install them by running:

cd pycddlib-1.0.3
python install --user
cd ../improb
python install --user